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About Limpact International Limited


Limpact has been an active manufacturer / exporter of custom products for the non-ferrous electrolytic metals refining industry for over 40 years. We are a privately owned company operating from the city of Cobourg, Canada.

Our unique process of impact bonding dissimilar metals allows us to manufacture energy-saving products with increased service life for metals refining. You will find Limpact products in most of the leading zinc refineries around the world, as they have been for the past 40 years.

WHAT IS Impact Bonding

Limpact's unique impact bonding process creates an energy-efficient, corrosion-resistant bond between dissimilar metals.


For electricity to flow efficiently between metals the bond joining them must be metallurgically sound; in other words, the metals must actually share electrons. But certain metals, copper and aluminum for instance, are so metallurgically dissimilar that conventional bonding methods such as welding and brazing don't work well.

Limpact's unique "impact bonding" technique provides a near-perfect bond that is extremely energy efficient and long lasting, saving electrical, maintenance and replacement costs for zinc, copper, cobalt, nickel and other electrolytic metal refineries globally.

Why Impact Bonding

Creating a metallurgical bond between dissimilar metals is imperative in order for electrical current to pass efficiently and to prevent galvanic corrosion.

In tests sensitive to 0.02 µohms/sq. in., conducted by the Ontario Research Foundation, Limpact bonds have been found to have virtually zero contact resistance.

A sound metallurgical bond means lower electrical resistance and less corrosion. A Limpact bond can increase the life of a cathode head bar in constant use by several years. Some of our customers report bars with up to 12 years of service life.

BOND STRENGTH Impact Bonding

Our impact bonding provides a shear strength between the AI/Cu approximately equal to the shear strength of the aluminum itself (picture shown).
Tests show that the shear strength of the Limpact Contact is 11,000 p.s.i. (773 kg/ to allow shear loading of about 28,000 lbs. (12,700 kg) across the bond face between the two metals.

Metallographic examination shows no void between them at the bond interface. Similar bond strengths have been noted between stainless steel, titanium and copper.


With our ability to obtain a metallurgical bond between the two dissimilar metals, there is very little electrical resistance at the interface. In testing done by an independent Research Company, there was no contact resistance found across the bond interface under test conditions with a sensitivity to detect 0.02 micro-ohms / sq. in.

Therefore, there is less heating of the contact and increased electrical efficiency.

Quality and Service

Forming a bond with our customers. Limpact technology travels around the world. We manufacture custom-engineered cathodes for electrolytic metal refineries globally, from Australia and Europe to South America and North America. We treat our international clients as if they were next door.

All of our products undergo rigorous testing and physical inspection before they leave our plant. This is particularly important since Limpact products are used virtually around the globe. Over the past four decades, Limpact has built a solid reputation based on customer satisfaction. Our engineers and technicians constantly monitor our products and ensure continued satisfaction. We even recycle and refurbish used cathodes. That's Limpact service, from start to finish.

Limpact is certified to ISO 9001 : 2008.