Aluminum Cathodes

Aluminum Cathodes
Applications in Zinc EW, Cadmium EW

Cathode Head Bars

Limpact cathode head bars help reduce cell house costs by improving electrical efficiency, reducing maintenance and adding longer head bar life. We conduct random, quantitative sample tests on all cathode batches before they leave our factory. Ultrasonic and electrical inspection can also be performed on your custom head bar contact to guarantee a minimum bond interface area.

Cathode Sheets

Quality inspection ensures cathode plates meet the demanding tolerances required to give top performance in the cell house. Limpact guarantees this by setting exacting standards for all raw materials and through the consistent application of our vendor qualification program.

Complete Cathode Retrofit and Recycling

Limpact can take your spent Aluminum cathodes, remove the old cathode plate, clean and repair the head bars and weld a new cathode sheet to the old head bar so it can be reused. Old aluminum sheets can be chipped into granules for use in casting low-cost aluminum alloys. We're recycling, reusing, and saving you money.