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Bi-Metalic Electrical Transition Joint

Explosion Bonded Products

Limpact's process of explosion bonding of dissimilar metals allows us to manufacture electrical transition and structural joints that are metallurgically bonded. We create an interface between the dissimilar metals that has no electrical resistance through the bond and creates a weld of high integrity.
We are able to bond two and even three dissimilar metals such as copper/aluminum, copper/titanium, steel/aluminum and many more. We have in-house testing facilities that allow us to ultrasonically and electrically test each bond to guarantee a minimum bond area if required.

Applications for Explosion Bonded Metals:

Electrical Transition Joints, Petrochemical, Marine Structural, Aluminum Smelting, Aviation, Hydrometallurgy

AD Hydromet

AD Hydromet is a proud partner of Limpact International Limited providing a comprehensive package for non-ferrous metal refineries.
  • Cathode Stripping Machines (Cu, Zn, Co, Ni, Pb)
  • Automatic Cranes
  • Slab and Jumbo Casting lines (Zn)
  • Fully automated material handling systems (Zn, Cu, Co, Ni)
  • Anode Preparation and Scrap Wash Machines (Cu ER)
  • DC Bus Bars
  • Plant and Machinery Automation, Design and Implementation